What Curtains Should I Choose?

Finding the right curtains for your home is surprisingly a more complex process than you might think. Whether you’re replacing some out of date curtains that look better suited for 1983 than 2013, or you’re simply indulging your inner decorator just because you can, there are numerous factors to consider when choosing the best curtains. Here are just a few points to bear in mind.

Opt for curtains that suit the individual room

Many people make the classic mistake of picking one style of curtain and using it throughout the entire house. Curtains should always match the style and purpose of the room they are being hung up in. For example, a baby’s nursery or toddler’s room would likely have bright, colourful themed curtains – a stark contrast to a ‘media’ room designed for watching movies on a big screen, where block out curtains are more suitable in order to reduce the amount of light coming in. And neither of these would be entirely appropriate for the living room, where the choice of curtains is likely to be somewhere in the middle of these two extremes. It is recommended to choose curtains that meet the needs and suit the style and purpose of the room.

How important is your privacy? 

One of the obvious benefits of curtains is the privacy that they can offer. But it’s important to choose the right ones from the get-go. For example sheer drapes, while popular, aren’t particularly effective for offering privacy. If you want sheer drapes in your bedroom, but still obviously want privacy, you’re best to complement them with a translucent drape that offers that privacy. Of course, if you’re buying curtains for a room where privacy isn’t so much an issue, then the choice is yours!

Consider the impact of natural light

If your bedroom is in a position where natural sunlight just pours through the window at 6am, then you might choose heavy drapes that block out the light and give you that valuable extra hour of sleep. On the other hand, if you’re putting curtains in a room where you want as much natural light as possible, then light sheer drapes would be the best option. Understanding how lighting works with your home is crucial when selecting the right curtains that work.

Select the right materials for the room 

This point is very much related to the previous one about natural light. If you’re putting new curtains into a room that receives direct natural sunlight, you’re best to avoid fabrics that can fade easily. Choose materials that are fade resistant and you’ll enjoy your curtains for much longer.



Article by Simon

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