Creases in Curtains

Creases in your new Curtains 

As a supply only curtain company Curtains on the Net has to rely on commercial couriers to deliver your new curtains. They need to be packed efficiently to minimise delivery costs and keep our prices low. This does require your new curtains to be folded and can result in temporary creases when first hung on your rod or track.

Custom Made curtains will be less creased than the Ready Made ones as they will not have been packed as tightly and for as long a period. The secret is to hang them up as soon as you recieve them. Even if you are not ready to hang them you should take them out of the box and lay them over something carefully until you are ready for them. Any remaining creases will drop out over time depending on the amount of sun and heat they are exposed to. If you do feel the need to speed up this process please read the tips below.

Ready Made curtains can arrive particularly creased.  They are packed very tightly in the plastic packaging and even tighter in the boxes and containers required to have them imported at the least possible cost. The good thing about this is the low price we can sell them for but this tight packaging does mean creases. The creases will eventually go depending on the amount of sun and heat they are exposed to. If you do feel the need to speed up this process please read the tips below. 

Some helpful tips on removing creases;

Curtains can be ironed but you do need to be careful. If the fabric is block out coated on the back never iron on this side. Start with a low heat and build up slowly until the creases start to go. We recommend using a clean cloth like a tea towel or pillowcase between the iron and the curtain until you are sure that the iron will not singe the fabric or spit dirt and leave a mark. Avoid using excessive amounts of steam in the one spot. The team at Curtains on the Net believes that it is much better to remove the creases partially and then let some time and sun remove them completely.  

With eyelet curtains you could also consider taking the entire rod with curtains hanging and suspend it from your clothes line or somewhere outside. As mentioned some sun and a gentle breeze will work wonders. Never do this with block out coated fabrics if theres a chance of rain. The backing can get stuck together if it has been wet.

The above information is designed to be helpful and honest but we cannot accept any responsibility for any damage that occurs whilst trying to remove the creases.

All in all its better not to rush this process and risk ruining your new curtains. 

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