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My curtains arrived yesterday, a few days earlier than expected.  The carrier followed the instructions to the letter and I found my parcel safe and sound when I got home.  I am delighted with the curtains; they are professionally made and fit beautifully. It has been a pleasure doing business with you from start to finish.  Thanks to everyone at Curtains on the Net.  


Jolimont W A

Colours > Brown / Red

Buy Brown/Red Curtains Online

Create an inviting, earthy atmosphere for your home with quality brown curtains!
At Curtains on the Net, we deliver a premier online range of curtains with a vast variety of colours and fabrics. Perfect for all practical and decorative applications, you’ll be sure to a design that piques your fancy.

A popular traditional colour, brown curtains exude a warm and comforting vibe, transforming your living areas into a homelier and cosy environment. Also great for practicality, earth coloured curtains are low maintenance - easily concealing dirt and stains!

From beige to coffee and latte colour schemed curtains, view some of our brown bestsellers below:

For a sensual, bolder colour with earthy tones, why not decorate your home with one of our burgundy curtains? A regal, elegant colour, add a timeless touch to your interior décor.

If you’re not too keen on any of our brown curtains, you may want to check out our other options including:

For all enquiries, please contact us by calling 1300 852 912 or email today!


Magenta Snap

Raspberry Montego

Melon Popsicle

Cherry Popsicle

Grape Popsicle

Umber Brooklyn Blockout

Spice Brooklyn Blockout

Carmen Synergy Blockout

Carmen Network Blockout

Tempting Carousel Blockout

Tempting Carnival Blockout

Burgundy Reno Pinch Pleat Curtains - Blockout

Blaze Shimmy Eyelet Special Translucent

Taupe Casa Pencil Pleat Curtains - Blockout

Bordeaux Nevada Blockout

Red Entwine

Purple Entwine

Lime Echo

Red Echo

Plum Oracle

Red Pilbo

Burgundy Toorak

Red Flourish

Spice Tarka

Crimson Oahu

Burgundy Denver Blockout

Berry Florida

Scarlet Transcend Dim-Out

Crimson Elizabeth Eyelet Curtain Triple Weave

Sunset Roma Eyelet Curtain Triple Weave

Latte Muslin Strand

Mushroom Muslin Strand

Mood Roxy

Pebble Whisper

Grape Popsicle

Storm Popsicle

Lux Roxy

Nutmeg Avenue

Antique 28mm Ball Finial Rod

Truffle Umbra Eyelet Curtain Dim-Out

Hemp Utopia Pinch Pleat Curtains - Blockout

Hemp Quay Pinch Pleat Curtains - Blockout

Fawn Nightshade Dim-Out

Pebble Nightshade Dim-Out

Rock Nightshade Dim-Out

Dusk Stratford Blockout

Peppercorn Stratford Blockout

Sisal Supremo Sheer

Stone Harlow Pencil Pleat Curtains - Blockout

Linen Fresco Pencil Pleat Fully Lined Curtains - Dim Out

Taupe Brooklyn Blockout

Umber Brooklyn Blockout

Sandcastle Synergy Blockout

Urban Synergy Blockout

Strata Synergy Blockout

Enigma Synergy Blockout

Urban Network Blockout

Strata Network Blockout

Enigma Network Blockout

Tussock Carousel Blockout

Tussock Carnival Blockout

Bronco Carnival Blockout

Boulder Lulu Muslin Eyelet Curtain Sheer

Taupe Casino

Stone Madison 100% Linen with choice of linings

Putty Madison 100% Linen with choice of linings

Grey Montenegro 100% Linen Sheer

Taupe Fulham Eyelet in Pairs Blockout

Latte Vienna Faux Silk with choice of linings

Cocoa Urbane Eyelet Curtain Blockout

Cafe Casanova Eyelet Curtain Blockout

Soot Atlantic Eyelet Curtain Blockout

Truffle Haven Eyelet Curtain Linen Look Sheer

Mushroom Crystal Eyelet Curtain Sheer

Stone Belair Lined Eyelet Translucent

Gentle Nevada Blockout

Silver Nevada Blockout

Domino Nevada Blockout

Stone Harlow

Stone Harlow

Nutmeg Chelsea

Sepia Fresco Lined

Chocolate Oxford

Chocolate Aston

Chocolate Oracle

Chocolate Pilbo

Chocolate Toorak

Brown Flourish

Amethyst Tarka

Mineral Oahu

Imagine Affinity Blockout

Earth Tempo

Mocha Tempo

Caramel Aruba

Coffee Aruba

Dusk Hamlet Blockout

Peppercorn Hamlet Blockout

Ash Altitude Dim-Out

Soapstone Altitude Dim-Out

Dusk Southport Textured Sheer

Ash Transcend Dim-Out

Granite Trieste Eyelet Curtain Blockout

Coal Saigon Eyelet Curtain Blockout

Coal Bloom Eyelet Curtain Blockout

At Curtains on the Net, we deliver right across Australia and strive to get your orders to you in a timely fashion, every time.  Below are just some of the locations we ship to and the estimated delivery times taken to reach you once your order is ready.


Ready Made Curtains & Tracks

Custom Made Curtains

Business days


$25 per order




$25 per order




$25 per order




$25 per order




$25 per order



For delivery times and charges to remote areas and more information, please contact us on 1300 852 912 or email us at

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