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Dear Curtains on the Net, I received my curtains in very good time.They are perfect, lovely texture and colour and they block out the night lights very well.Thank you again for your great product and service. Lynda


Davistown, NSW

What Curtain Width Will I Need?

pinch pleat curtains

How to determine the best width for your curtains

When buying curtains, you’ll want to be sure you get the right width. Too wide and there will be too much overhang at each end or in the middle. Not wide enough and they’ll appear to be pulled way too tight – if you can even pull them together to begin with.

The ideal width for your curtains will depend on just how you hang them – whether you use a track system or opt for curtain rods. For a track system the curtain width should be from end to end of the track. However, this does not include any decorations or adornments. It’s important to ensure you allow for extra width if you have crossover arms in the middle or want to wrap the curtains around the brackets at each end. We call this method ‘returns’.

With box and pinch pleats it’s important to give about an extra 5% in width to accommodate any creepage that might happen when the curtains are hung.

If you’re using curtain rods to hang your curtains, the width is essentially the usable part of the rod – not including any decoration or adornments. Again, you should allow an extra 5% width with any box or pinch pleats.

Read more about measuring curtains here, and get in touch with Curtains on the Net for all your curtain needs.



Article by Simon

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