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Sicily Textured Sheer. Heights up to 300cm with continuous weighted hem

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Sicily Textured Sheer

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Sicily Textured Sheer

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Sicily Textured Sheer order here for Pencil Pleat heading. 100% Polyester. Heights up to 300cm without joins and beaded weight base.

Simply enter your Track Width and Curtain Height below

Confirm if you require Overlaps (for cord drawn tracks) and Returns (to cover any end brackets) and we will add these to your width along with the necessary creepage allowance. Hooks are included with this product.

Please refer to our measuring guide if this is not clear. 

Widths up to 450cms are possible as either a Single Curtain or as a Pair of Curtains. For a Pair wider than 450cms simply divide your track width and enter that width a s 2 x Single Curtains. For a Single Curtain wider than 450cms please contact us.

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Cord drawn tracks have carrier arms that overlap the curtains in the middle. Select Yes and we will add 20cms so your curtains are wide enough to do this

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Do you have a curtain track with end brackets? If you want your curtains to wrap around the ends of the track and hide these select Yes and we will add an additional 10cms each side.

Standard Returns are 20cm total . If you only want a Return on one side or you need them to cover Dual / * Double track brackets you must notify us in the Additional comments box found in checkout or contact us when your order is placed.

(*Please note that Double bracket returns may incur a surcharge as they can add 30-40cms to the curtain widths)

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